What is Local Insiders?

Have you ever visited a city where a good old friend was living, the sort of friend that not only knew exactly what you like but also how to find it and how to surprise you with new experiences precisely catered to your taste? Or, think of your most memorable travel experiences. Were they not always linked to encounters with “real” locals?

Local Insiders offers you a shortcut to such mind-expanding authentic experiences with locals. No professional tour guides, no sightseeing tours, no group tours (unless you decide to bring a group of friends) – only unique experiences with people that guarantee a local immersion and a human connection.

What is Local Insiders’ mission?

Our mission is to make it fun and easy to get access to potentially life-changing experiences with “real” locals. Think of Local Insiders as an “AirBnB for experiences”.

How does Local Insiders work?

Local Insiders lists carefully selected creative people who can give you a very unique taste of the city. You just pick an experience and send the local host an online booking request via our platform. Once he has confirmed his availability, you’ll have to pre-pay via PayPal and you are good to go. It just became that easy to feel like a local, to get access money can’t buy and to meet people you wouldn’t cross path with. Alternatively, you may contact us via our contact form with any special interest or ideas you might have re an even more custom-made tour. We are happy to match you with a Local Insider and enjoy to help you create a bespoke experience.

Who are the Local Insiders?

All Local Insiders are independent freelancers who want to make some extra money doing what they love. Most of them are young creative entrepreneurs, who want to share the passion for what they do. Their passion will be your experience!

What kind of experiences can I discover on Local Insiders?

To give you some examples what kind of experiences we have picked so far: Meet cake artist Connie to get a glimpse behind her edible sculptures and learn all about the artistic side of it; book fashion (print) designer Lauren for an insider’s tour of the V&A Textile Archive room; join award-winning milliner Awon on a tour of London’s finest hat shops and studios, or book her for a one-on-one millinery experience at her studio; join shoemaker Allan for a hands-on shoemaking experience at his workshop; book Contemporary Art specialist Katie for an art walk – she knows all about the London art scene and can give you access to any and all of the art exhibitions walks, talks and fairs going on in the city.

But these are just some examples. Please go and see for yourself what can be discovered on www.local-insiders.com!

Anything else?

Since it is all about YOU at Local Insiders, I’d love to hear from you at silke[at]local-insiders.com! We are happy to come up with a bespoke tour – just for YOU.