To give you some ideas: Visit art fairs like the Art Basel with an expert who is happy to introduce you to gallerists and artists. Meet an artist at his studio to see where and how he works, the materials he uses, get to ask him anything you want to know about his work. Go behind the scenes at a museum or theater. Visit the workshop of a talented local craftsman to learn more about his craft. What about a behind the scenes visit at a Swiss watchmaker in Geneva to see how he works and what inspires him? Do a Gallery Tour. Go on a Street Art Tour or Photo Walk. Visit the Bauhaus Archive in Dessau with a Bauhaus expert. Meet an award-winning interior designer for a bespoke shopping tour of some of the city’s best shops for interior design. All experiences will be tailored just for you – for you to have everything your way.

The local Art & Design insiders from around the world are a very diverse group of people. We have art critics, curators, writers, gallery owners, photographers, artists, architects, photographers and interior designers on file.

Just tell us what you are interested in or what you dream about and we will take it from there.

We’d love to help you satisfy your curiosity!!