What is Local Insiders about?

Local Insiders offers exclusive experiences with like-minded locals that can provide access where there is none. We connect you with the kind of people you might be friends with back at home, people that share your interests and passion. They will design an experience just for you.

By spending time with one of our Local Insiders you will experience the city you are visiting like never before. You will be able to go behind the scenes, be introduced to their friends along the way, have a conversation, be in the flow and experience it almost like meeting a friend. You will feel deeply immersed, go off the beaten path and have that kind of human connection you are longing for. Afterward, you will probably feel like you have spent much more time there than you actually did as you have learned so much about it and made so many acquaintances.

Think of it as a shortcut to make mind-expanding and authentic experiences with locals wherever you travel to. No professional tour guides, no sightseeing tours, no touristy experiences, no group tours (unless you decide to come with your own group of friends) – only bespoke experiences with people just like you that guarantee a local immersion and a human connection. Think about meet the maker experiences, themed shopping tours, go behind the scenes visits, hands-on workshops and anything else that would make a great memorable experience that meets your taste. Like a cooking class with a celebrity chef in her private home, a studio visit with an award-winning milliner in London, a sneaker shopping experience with a sneakerhead, a beauty insider shopping experience in Tokyo, a behind the scenes visit at a Theatre and exclusive access to a ballet rehearsal. These are just some examples of experiences that we have already realized for our customers in cities around the world.


Why did you make this Local Insiders’ mission?

We love to travel, too.  We believe the people we meet make our best travel memories and make our trips unforgettable.

Sometimes you have friends that are happy to introduce you to their friends, or you have enough time to just wander the city for a chance to get in touch with some locals along the way, to go places where young creative business owners have their studios or to buy local design at a hip concept store. Yet sometimes you just don’t have enough time on site, the knowledge or the energy and time to search for encounters like this. Thus we wanted to offer a simple, hassle and worry-free way to ensure you can make these kinds of memorable experiences we care so much about. For you to experience a city like you want to experience it.


How does it work?

You get in touch with us to tell us about where you travel to when and what you are looking for. We will be in touch shortly to get to know you better and to match you with a Local Insider, who will come up with some preliminary ideas to kick-off the design process.

We will handle everything, yet you will always have a say in the process. You will also have to sign off on everything we do to ensure you have everything your way.

Your experience – our passion!


Who are the Local Insiders?

All Local Insiders are independent freelancers who want to make some extra money doing what they love. Most of them are young creative entrepreneurs, who want to share the passion for what they do with like-minded visitors from abroad. It almost feels like visiting your new best friend. Every single one of them has been selected and vetted by me for their specific knowledge and insider access. They are friends or friends of friends of mine. They all have a truly inspiring story and are experts at what they do. They offer this kind of experiences because they like to meet with people from abroad that share their interests. You will find their passion for what they do to be highly contagious!


What kind of experiences can I book with Local Insiders?

It all depends on you and your interest. To give you some examples: Take a tango lesson with a professional dancer and choreographer in Buenos Aires, go off the beaten path in Taipei to discover the local food scene with the help of a local food writer, meet an award-winning milliner at her London studio to learn more about her work and about hats in general, go on a streetwear and sneakers shopping experience in NYC, meet the chef of a much-hyped restaurant in London to learn  more about her inspiring story and to taste the menu she designed just for you, and on and on we go.

Your ideas can be general like „I love Art“ or „I like to cook“ and we will come up with ideas or you tell us exactly what you are looking for like „I want to meet up with a Tokyo based Beauty insider for a shopping experience“.

Just let us know – we are happy to help you make your dream come true.


Where do you have contacts? What cities can you help me in?

Local Insiders started offering experiences in London but has since expanded into other cities around the world such as Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Vienna, Milan, Rome, Sevilla, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Lisbon, Geneva, Basel, Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo, New York, Buenos Aires. Whenever we receive a request for someplace, we will try to make it happen.


What are the costs?

Once you confirm your interest to come up with a detailed proposal based on the ideas we have submitted, you will have to pay a USD 500 non-refundable design fee to confirm your interest to book it. If you later don’t want to proceed with the booking for whatever reason, you won’t be refunded the design fee. If you confirm the booking, you will be asked to pay the booking fee less the design fee.

The costs for the experiences vary depending on the Local Insider’s experience and the kind of access they can provide, the duration, the group size and other factors such as if they need to rent a space. Experiences start at USD 500 and can go up to USD 10 k or more.


Anything else?

We are in the business to make people happy because this is what makes us happy. We love to connect people. Thus we have made this a vital part of our business.

Please get in touch to tell us more about your travel plans or what’s on your bucket list of places to see and things to do.

We’d love to help you plan something exciting with a local in the know!