What does an “Experience Matchmaker” do?

Just in case you might’ve wondered, Local Insiders isn’t about dating. But I believe that to feel a connection, with someone, it’s as much about the person as it’s about her knowledge. The decision who makes a great match for you is what makes my service special. Everything is tailored to you and your interest.


What kind of bespoke experiences can you help me with?

Anything that you dream of that qualifies as non-touristy. Whether your interests are in fashion and beauty, art and design, music and dance or to enjoy the local food and drink scene, I will connect you and make you feel like one of the locals.


You are based in Switzerland. Where in the world do you offer this service?

I’ve started with London, but have since expanded to other cities such as Berlin, Paris, Geneva, Lisbon, Sevilla, Milan, Dubrovnik, Tokyo, Bangkok, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, New York…  you name it! I have a vast network of local insiders around the world and will connect you with someone that can offer exactly what you’re looking for.


Who’re the local insiders?

The local insiders are freelancers. Most of them are friends or friends of friends. People that I’ve gotten to know over the years and whose taste and expertise I appreciate.


What makes the local insiders special?

They’re all amazing in their own way. They’re well-connected experts who are eager to meet you and to share the passion for what they do with you. Simply put, fun and easy-going people to spend some time with to get an insiders’ take on local life. Think of bloggers, chefs, designers, stylists, architects, photographers, and the like.


Are the local insiders famous?

Not all of them are famous (yet), though some have won awards, received lots of press, have books out or even appeared on TV. What makes them special are their inspiring stories and their passion for what they do.


What makes your service unique?

All experiences are designed just for you. And you get to meet people that share your interests and passion. It’s almost like visiting a good old friend, you’ll immediately feel like a local. And they’ll introduce you to their friends wherever you go. It’s all about being in the moment.


What kind of experiences did you already organize?

I already helped with everything from going behind the scenes visits (including meet and greets) at theatres and local businesses, organized bespoke cooking classes (at special locations such as at a chef’s private home), planned themed shopping experiences, studio visits, hands-on workshops, and art and design excursions in cities around the world.


Any particular success stories of happy moments customers had?

I love to wow my customers. It makes me happy when they can’t stop raving about the great people they’ve met and the amazing time they’ve spent together. There are so many great stories of happy customers to share.

Like I once organized a very exclusive sneaker experience for a teenage boy in London. The boy and the local sneakerhead come from totally different backgrounds, but they both live and breathe sneakers. This passion for sneakers made them bond, and they became friends. Even today, they still text each other about sneakers, and I couldn’t be happier about the friendship that unfolded.

Or, I’ve had two foodies from NYC travel to Cartagena. They wanted a local food insider to take them around. I found the perfect match for them and they just loved her. She wasn’t only an expert on the local food scene, but she also seemed to know everyone wherever they went. They were so impressed by her that they immediately canceled all of their previously arranged restaurant bookings to check out some of the places she recommended instead.


How can I work with you?

Sounds great? Want to give it a try? Either schedule a call with me or fill in this form.

I’d love to help you add a little magic to your travel experiences!


How much are your bespoke experiences?

The prices vary depending on the Local Insider’s experience and the kind of access they can provide, the duration, the group size and other factors such as if they need to rent a space.

Experiences start at USD 750 for half a day and can go up to USD 10 k or more if you get to meet a celebrity.


Why do I have to pay a design fee to receive a detailed proposal?

All experiences are designed just for you. At Local Insiders, no two experiences are the same.

Therefor the need to only make the Local Insider work, if the interest to book the experience is real. By doing so we can avoid having them waste their precious time to work out detailed proposals for people who are just shopping around for ideas.


When is the design fee due?

Once you ask to receive a detailed proposal (based on the preliminary ideas we have submitted to you), you will have to pay a USD 500 non-refundable design fee to confirm your interest to book it.

Any time spent to come up with preliminary ideas or chatting with you about your travel plans is free of charge.


Is the design fee refundable, or can I credit it against the booking fee?

If you later decide that you don’t want to proceed with the booking for whatever reason, you won’t be refunded the design fee.

However, if you confirm the booking, it will be deductible from the booking fee.


How can I apply to become a local insider?

I am always eager to grow my network! Just fill in this form and I will be in touch shortly to see if it is a match.


Are you looking to enter into partnerships with other travel service providers or affiliates of some kind?

I’m always looking to connect with like-minded folks to pursue my goal to make traveling more connected and fun.

So if you want to bring back a sense of discovery and fun to travel, and provided you agree to credit my work as my work, I’d be happy to have a chat to see how I can help you wow your customers.

Just click here to drop me a note.


Anything else?

I’ve written a free guide on how to feel like a local wherever you travel. You can request my ten easy-to-implement steps to feel like a local here.

And if you aren’t yet planning a trip, but want to receive a weekly dose of travel inspiration from me, you can sign-up here.