I love to travel and to connect with like-minded people. I believe those encounters with “real” locals make our travels memorable, fun and meaningful.

Since you don’t always have time to plan your trip well in advance and in all depth or as the time you spend in the destination might be limited, I wanted to come up with a shortcut to mind-expanding, authentic experiences with local insiders – everyone of them selected and vetted by me for their specific knowledge and insider access.


»I‘ve always found traveling to be more meaningful
when I get to meet and interact with real locals «

Founder, CEO, Travel Curator & Matchmaker at Local Insiders

No matter where I go, I am always interested in the stories behind cool businesses and people. Thus, I decided to make makers, artists and other creatives the focus of Local Insiders and connect them with visitors who – like myself – may be inspired by their stories.
Specifically, I match and connect them with visitors who want to experience the inside running of fashion, art, etc. via personalized experiences that only a local in the know can provide.

I love my role as Travel Curator & Matchmaker.  I always say „I am in the business of making people happy“ . It is a win-win for everyone involved. And, not to forget the friendships that unfolded thanks to what we do.